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Compact, protective case for color calibration device and cord.

Skooba Solution:

Sometimes simplest is best, and this was one of those times. Skooba created a rubberized EVA molded case (which we nicknamed the “egg”) to cradle this mouse-like device. The calibrator rests on a molded-in ledge, allowing a cavity at the bottom for its USB cord. The highly protective case zips closed, snugly securing the contents, and is small enough to fit in any messenger bag or laptop case. A black and white silicone logo sewn into an indent on top finishes off the minimalist but slick look.


Client ordered a large quantity immediately after first design and prototype, and was thrilled with the result.

Other Services Provided:

Although not always possible with every project, this one was done on a super-rush basis. From client meeting to approved design was 3 days, from design to prototype was 7-10 days, and product was in production a couple of weeks later. Still a Skooba record.