Innovative digital imaging equipment manufacturer with exclusive ultra-high resolution photography system.


Full collection of high-quality, highly protective yet aesthetically distinctive bags for sale and bundling with the company’s unique equipment.

Skooba Solution:

Fully-customized and coordinated family of shoulder bags and backpacks with adjustable interiors to fit and secure the client’s different equipment models perfectly, along with pockets for accessories and other items. Sleek, modern exterior with elegant use of texture, color, and client branding.


The collection has been a hit both inside the client company and with its consumers. It is being successfully sold as an accessory as well as being used as a bundle add-on for marketing and promotion. The bags have been in continuous reorder for sevearl years, and more designs are being added as the business grows.

Other Services Provided:

Product “nesting” to dramatically reduce client’s importation costs.