Leading manufacturer of high-precision process calibration and testing equipment.


Variety of cases custom-fit to specific calibrators, with many special features including access ports for attachments, removable internal pouches for accessories, view-through windows and more.

Skooba Solution:

Designed and produced a series of heavy-duty, industrial-grade cases for a variety of the client’s products. Skooba’s solutions ranged from simple, form-fitting protective sleeves to highly-specific use-in-bag solutions that allow the instrument to stay safe, dry and clean inside the case at all times, even when attaching and removing calibrator components.


Now one of Skooba’s longest-standing continuing clients, the company has been reordering the products without interruption since 2001. The cases have also been modified and branded for several of the client’s international affiliates.

Other Services Provided:

Direct shipping from our production facility to client and partners’ international offices to reduce lead time and costs.